What Should You Know about APTOS Thread lifting: Top 4 Points to Check about

The use of aptos threads, polypropylene or metallic with unidirectional cogs or sharp edges, allows the gathering of the soft tissues, creating lift and volume contouring. The technique is simple, with insertion of the threads in the desired positions with a long injection needle as a guide. It was later noticed that in some cases of rejuvenation and lifting surgeries, the threads with prominences alone, did not always lead to desirable long-lasting outcomes and additional lift and suture by smooth threads was also needed.

There is an Aptos thread and thread lifting method to help you achieve your beauty needs. It is known that facial and cervical layers of soft tissues can be shifted relative to each other, but only in specific and different blocks and areas. For instance, it is easy to shift skin of lateral areas of the forehead, eyebrow tail, mental area, cheek and malar areas. At the same time, any attempt to shift tissues of the posterior area of the face above the malar bone and its arch perimeter is difficult since in this area the skin is closely tied to the periosteum. Prominences on threads are located in every 0.5 mm and each of them is responsible for its own tissue area. This is the major difference of Aptos from classical and endoscopic lifting methods, where mobilized tissues (skin, Subcutaneous Muscle Aponeurosis ) are lifted and hung only to points fixed by stitches.

After receiving a local anaesthetic, the Doctor will begin the treatment. The treatment is a customised procedure and your healthcare professional will work closely with you in order to achieve optimal results. Prior to your first treatment, our doctor and cosmetic injector will consult with you to assess your suitability for APTOS Thread lift and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. F you are on anti-inflammatory drugs discuss this with the Clinic at time of consultation. The TGA is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including medical devices.

Collagen synthesis is activated after 14 days of PLAHA threads, what is caused by hyaluronic acid. By 90th days after thread implantation was observed reduced collagen content, which was explained by hyaluronic acid degradation. Right after this, starts the second wave of increased collagen synthesis which is caused by polylactic acid activity. All above-mentioned processes explain the prompt bio-revitalization effect on skin structure. The threads dissolve within 1.5 to 2 years depending on the composition of the threads, but before they dissolve, they create a support scaffolding of collagen for the skin that supports and lifts the skin for many years to come. Sulamanidze M.A, Fournier P.F, Paikidze T.G, Sulamanidze G.M. Removal of facial soft tissue ptosis with special threads.

PHA thread insertion provides ongoing and progressive rejuvenation for the facial tissue.Patients who have a thread lift will notice a gradual improvement in their skin’s tone and firmness. While their threads are in place, the body’s healing response will be constantly activated. The body is biologically programmed to react this way when it senses any foreign object present within the dermis.

The thread lift is an exciting new technique used to lift and tighten sagging facial tissue.This non-surgical alternative is growing in popularity. Specialized threads are inserted and attached into the deeper tissues of the skin and, if positioned properly, create a firming and tightening effect. An added benefit is that threads stimulate the formation of collagen.

Ethical treatment guides our practice, and we aim to become an industry leader in this respect. This means you can always feel confident that you are in safe hands when you choose Elite Aesthetics. Polydioxanone , Poly-L-lactic and the most recent addition, Polycaprolactone and each has its own strengths and benefits. Is a naturally occurring substance found in your connective tissue, eyes and skin.

The introduction of threads to lift skin has been a major advance in lifting sagging skin. These threads which have barbs on their surface have simplified the procedure and have the possibilities of combination with other rejuvenation procedures. Aptos threads are now in their third incarnation, using science to enhance and improve over the years.

Dr. Shirin is also fully registered with the GMC , and Elite Aesthetics is Save Face accredited, an endorsement recognised by the UK Government, The Department of Health, NHS England and the CQC . MINT threads, offer incredible rejuvenation properties so you’ll benefit from healthier, plumper skin with a PDO thread lift. The threads work in two ways; firstly to lift and hold your skin in place.