Top 10 Americas Best Dog Trainers of 2022

I don’t know the name of the human behind this account, but she is a scientist and she graciously dissects dog training studies, in particular, those which study the use of e-collars. She explains what the results and data collection means in language the average reader can understand. What I love most about many of the accounts below is the way they document their teamwork, because truly that is what matters most when it comes to dog training. She’s also working on training one of her dogs, Stinky as a police dog, so it’s fun to see different ways to train for specific duties. Sandra’s interests were riding, swimming, cycling and showing her dogs at local level.

A former detective, Carol blends her knowledge of dogs with her real life experiences to create the Rachel Alexander and Dash Series. Carol continues to have a tremendous influence on the dog world and those entering it. She is recognized in the Hall of Fame for her contribution not only to the training of dogs, but also for the inspiration she has given so many through her enthusiasm and writing. She makes dog owning and training fun, fascinating and part of family life, motivating owners to love and learn along with their dogs. Linda Michaels is the owner of Del Mar Dog Training in California. Linda’s approach to training focuses on the promotion of animal welfare while solving behavioral problems using a force-free, positive training approach based on scientific evidence.

She also runs the blog, Raising Your Pets Naturally, where she is always sharing articles and free video guides to holistic DIY dog training. Army vet who decided to put his experience working with K9 units and other military dogs to help everyday dog owners live happily with their dogs. He’s instructed professionals at the International School for Dog Trainers and served as president of the IACP. As a trainer, Kyra has put together some award-winning DVDs and popular 10-Minute Dog Training Games. Her Do More with Your Dog classes focuses on getting your dog involved in more aspects of your life, whether through companionship, sport, or tricks. You can catch her classes on FB, YouTube, or attend one of her doggy workshops.

Joe Camp produced a script that, with as few words as possible, tells a complete story. Great for children-and international sales, because it requires a minimum amount of dubbing. Even D. W. Griffith could have taken lessons from Camp on how to put out a silent film with as few title cards as possible.

She also provides dog training and behavior seminars worldwide and online. ‘Ahimsa’ is a Buddhist doctrine for non-violence on all living things, which shows Grisha’s focus on force-free training methods for the well-being of dogs and their owners. ‘Cesar’s Way; The Natural Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems’ is a book written by him that is about his life and ideas about training dogs. Zak is a favorite among many dog owners as they find his creative way of teaching and his high energy interesting.

For the past 30 years, the Volhard’s have taught dog owners how to communicate effectively with their pets. During this time they have developed the “”Motivational Method””, an approach to training for people who like their dogs, and who have them first and foremost as pets and companions. At the heart of the “”Motivational Method”” is the conviction that positive reinforcement is the most effective teaching tool.

Khar-based dog trainer and behaviorist Tanya Patel, avid love for dogs, started at a young age. Qualification, she decided to pursue certifications from the Northern Center for Training and Behavior, and Canines Can Care School. Author, lecturer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Jeff Silverman is kind of a star in the dog training field. As president of the top animal behavior professionals’ body in the world, the ADT, Jeff helped bring the dog training industry into the modern age too.

Aside from being a dog trainer, she’s also a world-famous dog show stunt performer. But more importantly, he’s one of the most well-respected experts in the dog training industry. Martin has acted as an Advisor and Consultant for Cesar Millan since 2008.

Author, public speaker, and TV personality Cesar Milan has over 25 years of experience working in the American dog scene. You probably recognize him from the hit show Cesar Milan Dog Nation, where together with his son, they bring on TV inspiring canine stories from their road trip across America. All you have to do is get in touch with a licensed doctor at ESA Care. As a result, Larry uses the Dick Russell Method in training the pooches under his care. The “Third Way” is the training approach designed by Chris Bach.