Get Up Close and Personal With Harley Quinn’s Tattoos

Tattoo enthusiasts will get a tattoo at all cost. We get to see a side-by-side look at Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and then a clear digital version of what the tattoo actually looks like. While this one mention of the Joker is crossed out, her left leg still features other Puddin’-related ink, so there could be more to the story. Margot Robbie made her Harley Quinn debut in 2016’s Suicide Squad opposite Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Joker.

We’re a little more than a year out from the upcomingSuicide Squad spin-off, but now even more clues have been leaked from set. The box office smash hit introduced DC Comics character Harley Quinn to the big screen for the first time. Jono writes about booze and tattoos for Next Luxury, having spent nearly two decades experiencing both in a variety of situations around the globe.

She was often seen as Joker’s love interest but the infamous “Mad love” turned into a transformational experience, especially after their breakup in the relaunch of Quinn’s character. The old her or the new one, both have a tremendous impact on the fanbase and her tattoos have become increasingly popular. Harley Quinn, one of the most famous female leads of the DC comics was originally supposed to be featured in one episode but today has a whole movie after her, wow! Talk about character development, from being a villain to our favorite antihero, this woman is all about growth and power.

The artist has done a spectacular job with this. Harley is holding her signature baseball bat and it looks like she’s getting ready to knock someones block off. Birds of Prey has begun principal photography. After Margot Robbie herself shared a first look dressed up as Harley Quinn, set photos have begun popping up across the blogosphere. We now have set pictures of Harley Quinn in multiple outfits, with one in particular showing off her tattoos in clear detail. Interestingly, the tattoo’s striking out of “pudding” suggests she and the Joker might have split or had a breakup.

Simple or small, one ink color or black and red diamond photos of harley quinn tattoos can cost less than $200 for work by an experienced pro, who average $150-$200 per hour. This is another tattoo that Quinn has on her face apart from the heart under the eye. It says ‘Rotten’ and the wearer has got lips in pink and blue color. There is also a skull on the blue side of the lip and the pink side shows dripping color. It gives the tattoo a very badass and dangerous look.

The Joker doesn’t seem into Harley Quinn in this picture. This probably around the time he was having an affair with Cat Woman. Perhaps a die-hard fan can fill in the details for me. Hit us up in the comments box and let us know. She’s sporting an outfit that’s a far cry from her famous “Daddy’s Lil Monster” tee and Puddin’ choker. Robbie rocks a colorful jacket, hot pink suspenders and a dog collar that reads “Bruce,” which one can only assume is referring to Batman himself.

I can’t say really because I haven’t read the comic. This tattoo contains only the outlines of Harley Quinn, making it look very elegant, in the red and black colors that are the colors of her costume. The wearer has taken care of the small details of the costume like the three-diamond card symbol where the third diamond seems to be hidden because of the placement of the hand. Quinn appeared for the first time in 1992 in her classic black and red stock character Harlequin.

It’s usually about two hours after the tattoo has been completed. Look out everybody it’s the two supervillains/lovers from the Batman series. If they weren’t so menacing to Gotham City you might even consider them a cute couple.

Fans may also notice later in the film that Quinn’s “”Property of Joker”” tattoo now reads, “”Property of No One.”” According to the film’s production notes, it was the only one of Quinn’s many tattoos to be removed. This dangerous but cute tattoo of Quinn wearing the Harlequin costume is perfect for arms, legs, thighs, and shoulders. The wearer has got a tattoo that looks like a freehand drawing giving it a very rogue appearance. This tattoo features Harley Quinn if she had a doll made after her character.