Melcourt Spruce Ornamental Bark Mulch Bulk Bag

Our patented Twinstak stacking system allows you to combine two of our single product offerings on one pallet, saving you extra pallet delivery costs, and helping the environment. Our own outdoor spaces however, need a little more care to create the perfect backdrop for making memories and refresh your mind, the body and the soul. Have Bulka Bag Man help take care of your garden with exceptional horticulture products that have been tried & proven over time. Stop those pesky weeds from ruining your driveway or border! Available in 4 sizes and 2 types of thickness – Weed Control for borders or Heavy Duty… Our Hardwood Play Chips are a mixture of chipped hard woods, tested to BS EN 1177 for impact in children’s play areas.

As well as our own range of bark chippings and mulch, we also supply landscape bark and play grade bark chippings from Rolawn and Melcourt. With our price match pledge and free delivery in the local area, you can rely on us at AWBS for everything you need for your project. The bark chippings are specifically designed for landscaping use. The decorative Bark mulch bulk bags is perfect for dressing and protecting flower beds from frost and dehydration. The shredded bark is ideal for use in borders, edgings, pathways and other similar landscaping applications. The decorative bark combined with WeedTex helps bring colour and texture to your garden.

A bark-based mulch recycled from local trees, perfect for deterring slugs and snails. Melcourt softwood playchips are a selectively screened conifer wood chipping that will absorb impact well, therefore mak.. Provides good insulation for plans during the winter months, reducing plant loss.

Rustic, earthy aesthetic and conifer bark has pleasant alpine fragrance. Garden Bark for delivery to gardens in Essex and Suffolk. Order Bark to Harwich, Colchester, Chelmsford, Witham, Clacton, Ipswich. A premium bark that will look at home in any garden space. Buy Turf Essex and Turf Suffolk delivered to your garden.

Value Cover Mulch is a recycled bark mulch that helps to suppress weed growth and protect borders from extreme weather c.. If you are looking for a lighter colouring for your flower beds or borders, why not check out our wood chippings? They provide the same protection but using white, hardwood chippings instead of mulch.

Our decorative bark facilitates excellent drainage as bark layer allows water to penetrate to the soil and roots below. At the same time, bark chippings reduce evaporation from the soils top layer and therefore retain more moisture, which is particularly important during hotter months. Garden bark chippings can last between seven to 10 years when maintained properly by watering regularly making them a cost effective option.

Our Bark Mulch is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. This product requires little maintenance and provides great insulation for plants in colder conditions, which helps to reduce plant loss. This versatile mulch is perfect for beds and borders. A great value cost alternative to other mulches and barks.

Decorative Bark Mulch can also be used on large commercial projects and paths. We recommend always using weed control fabric to ensure the longevity of any mulch. A mid-brown shredded mulch, which is ideal for mulching beds and borders and provides an attractive finish to any garden. Mulching is proven to reduce the loss of moisture from planted beds and borders, protect roots from harsh frosts and most importantly, suppress weed growth. We supply a wide selection of bulk products, including quality bags of bark in Brisbane. In this way, we help local landscapers create memorable outdoor spaces.

Melcourt Ornamental Spruce is a high performance and versatile conifer bark mulch that is suitable for a wide range of p.. The soil is delivered in cubic metre bags placed on a wooden pallet. The soil can only go as close to your site as the hand operated pallet truck allows.The truck is not equipped with a grab so bags cannot be lifted over walls or hedges.

At Fire Guru, our kiln dried logs are heat treated to the core, with moisture content of below 20%. That means more energy, less smoke and, whether you are celebrating, warming or cooking; a premium quality wood that burns longer for less, with no chemicals or unwanted odours. Changing weather conditions can have an effect on the soil health where wind and rain can blow or wash away vital nutrients for the plants. • HALF LOOSE TIP – Each 0.3cu.m loose tip covers approx. Give beds, borders and shrubs extra insulation and drainage during the colder months with our Eco Soil Improving Mulch. Bulk bag ideal for covering large areas and bulk discounts available.