They are the only organization to have won The International from an open qualifier. August 23rd – MoonMeander becomes inactive while Cr1t- and Miracle- leave.

It would be foolhardy to count this team—or any team—out of the running at The International 2019. A writer specializing in video games, with two years of writing experience backed by a decade and a half of playing games. A PC Gamer at heart , he has reviewed multiple titles across many genres, and reported on many, many more. His background in BA Film also makes him reliable in terms of reporting on the entertainment industry, whether it be TV series or movies. They have won the inaugural Dota 2 Frankfurt Major and Manila Major, becoming the first team to repeat as champions of a Valve-sponsored Dota 2 tournament. OG’s winning streak extends to also winning the Boston Major and Kiev Major as well, giving them their third and fourth Dota 2 Major championships in a row.

Last year, OG remade themselves in time for the Open Qualifiers for The International 2018. With very little time to fuss about, they had to fill two positions on the squad. Bringing in ana, who had played for the team previously, and Topson, a virtual unknown, looked like madness from the outside. OG signed DM to replace Ammar “”ATF”” Al-Assaf, the 17 year old star the team brought into the pro scene last season and who became an instant fan favourite thanks to his brash plays. Earlier this week it was announced that ATF would be joining Nigma Galaxy, a rival of OG, leaving a space for OG to fill.

In the same ‘Reflections’ interview, 7ckingmad claimed that it was a personality conflict within the team that led to the removal of Moonmeander, and that once the team wasn’t remaining as 5, it prompted Miracle to consider other offers. Team OG was originally formed under the name Business and was comprised of both experienced veterans in n0tail and Fly as well as new and upcoming talents in Miracle-, Cr1t- and MoonMeander. The team achieved their breakthrough during the Frankfurt Major, defeating European powerhouse Team Secret in the grand finals. The team continued to have a strong presence in the European Dota scene, but after a fourth-place finish at The Summit 4, OG’s dominance began to wane and ended with a 7-8th place finish in the Shanghai Major. Despite this, the team rebounded with a 3rd place finish at EPICENTER and claimed a second Dota Major Championship title at the Manila Major. The squad proceeded to defeat Natus Vincere at ESL One Frankfurt 2016, winning the tournament and securing their invite to The International 2016.

Global trade – The World Trade Organization deals with the global rules of trade between nations. Its main function is to ensure that global trade flows smoothly, predictably and freely as possible. Previously, Sid stated that S8UL was not just an esports organization but an “empire.” He then revealed how the lifestyles of people joining S8UL always changed for the better.

Additionally, until recently it was unknown whether this would be a second main roster, or an OG.Seed style project. At the time of writing, no other og members, Old G team are confirmed. Due to visa issues, OG’s Dota 2 team had to play with a stand-in in all Major tournaments except Riad Masters this year.

September 24th – It was revealed that Misha had assumed the position of head coach for the past three months while Sockshka has been moved to assistant coach. January 29th – MidOne and Saksa join the team as offlane and support, respectively. August 17th – OG parts ways with ana who announces a one-year hiatus from competitive Dota. Not only did OG win the first ever Dota 2 Valve major, they also were the first team to claim four of them. They’re also currently the only team to ever be crowned World Dota 2 Champions twice.

Michael is a UK-based content creator who caught the esports bug in 2010, but took eight years to figure out he should write about it. Throwing away a promising career in marketing and PR, he now specialises in MOBAs, covering League of Legends, Dota 2, and esports in general since 2019. When not glued to tournaments taking place on the other side of the globe, he spends time nurturing an unhealthy addiction to MMOs and gacha games. Though OG was able to get four of its players to tournament locations without any trouble, Misha ran into continuous visa troubles throughout the year. OG was one man down in most major events where two-time TI champion, OG’s co-founder Ceb, or the team’s coach, Chuvash, had to stand in.