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Furthermore, NRHM wants to create a compulsory rural service for younger doctors in the hopes that they will remain in rural areas. For example, even with the mission, most construction of health related infrastructure occurs in urban cities. Many scholars call for a new approach that is local and specialized to each state’s rural areas. Other regional programs such as the Rajiv Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme in Andhra Pradesh, India have also been implemented by state governments to assist rural populations in healthcare accessibility, but the success of these programs has been limited.

Studies using other national samples report results consistent with those of the NHIS. This study also found a strong relationship between having a regular source of care and receipt of screening services. Alternative treatment and therapiesMainstream medical treatments follow the allopathic course of treatment. Most insurance policies offer substantial coverage for allopathic treatments that are typically availed at hospitals and conventional clinics. Many new health and medical insurance policies are offering insurance coverage for alternative therapies and medical treatments.

Free health care policies – or politiques de gratuité – are about removing formal user fees. The removal of fees may apply to all health services, to the primary care level, to selected population groups, to selected services for everyone, or to selected services for specific population groups characterized by medical or economic vulnerability. Understanding and working within the guidelines of health insurance is complex. Many companies provide members with access to a vast amount of information on secure websites. This information can help members select a doctor or facility, review the drug formulary, and learn other key information through this link hipaagives.org

As discussed earlier in this chapter, participants in this study with hypertension who lost coverage also experienced worsening blood pressure control, while those who maintained coverage did not. The technology that Medi Assist partnered with us to build allows healthcare providers within the IHX eco-system to work collaboratively to manage a hospital’s revenue cycle, billing and settlement with third party payer systems. Our AI/ML collaboration with Medi Assist allowed us to deliver faster, accurate and superior outcomes. Business income insurance coverage for nonprofit organizations, which we understand makes up a part of the healthcare industry. Most states require workers’ comp for healthcare facilities that have employees. It also protects sole proprietors from work injury costs that health insurance might deny.

The Community Health Worker model facilitates healthcare access by using CHWs as a liaison between healthcare providers and rural residents to help make sure their healthcare needs are met. RHIhub’s Community Health Workers in Rural Settings topic guide offers information and resources on CHWs and covers CHW education, training, and certification. For individuals with low incomes, no paid time off from their jobs, physical limitations, acute conditions, or no personal transportation, these burdens can significantly affect their ability to access healthcare services.