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I got with customer service and they sent out the other 3 bags, but I knew they wouldn’t last. I could also tell it was tracking more than I originally thought because when my cats would roll around on the carpet, I could feel the crystals in their fur. It only gives the illusion of less tracking because it’s harder to see/feel. My mom tried it for the “30 days risk-free” and as soon as she emailed to cancel they charged her card again, and more than the first time.

The contents also included a card explaining the outcomes you may see while using it. Personally, I assumed I’d only be keeping an eye out for a problem color, but I didn’t realize how good it would feel to consistently see my cat was in the average range. As much as I like to think I can understand her body language and meows, the litter definitely provided me some additional peace of mind. If you’re not satisfied with the results, simply send it back for a full refund.

Be prepared if you have bigger felines like me that you may need to opt for a slightly larger subscription size, or swap between different cat litters from time to time. You’ll choose how many cats you have on the website and sign up to a subscription. The team delivers the litter for free straight to your door each month. That means you don’t have to lug several pounds of cat litter around every month.

Blood in the urine shows up as red, as expected, and could mean bladder inflammation, bladder stones, or a UTI. Pretty Litter review is one of the best silica gel cat litter out there available for you. Its main feature, in our opinion, is the urine health monitoring feature which can help you if you want to watch out for your cats regarding their health. One bag costs $22, however, if you purchase directly from their website, they give discounts depending on the number of cats you have. A 22-dollar bag can last you up to one month, and based on our experience, having two cats, it can last you for up to two weeks. My cats are accustomed to traditional clumping litters.

And because the Litter Robot is deeper, I noticed the litter didn’t track or spread as much. I decided to start testing Pretty Litter using Ally’s favorite standard litter box, instead of the automatic one. That way, I could more easily observe her behavior and keep an eye out for color changes in the crystals.

YouTube Comes Complete With An Excellent Built-in Analytics Function

This can help keep people on the page as someone looking for specific information could exit your videos at the start if they believe they won’t find it. Video Hashtags SEO ExampleThis makes it easy for users to search and it helps trends grow and gain visibility. Adding keywords to hashtags can also boost the youtube seo checklist as the algorithm will scan them to see what the video is about. On the contrary, if people are skipping over your video without clicking it, your rankings can drop. Another way to improve your descriptions is to increase the word count.

If users are searching for a particular video with advanced options, they can select the search to show videos from selected categories. When uploading your video, it’s important you contextualize your video with categories so you will have a better chance of getting found by a user. Find out if you’re making costly mistakes—and how to fix them.Get ready to improve your reach, results, and ROI—fast.Discover the best keywords for your PPC and SEO goals.

This will keep your viewers more attentive and more likely to finish watching your video. Monetization is an integral part of the process—because it will allow you to add custom thumbnails to your videos, which play a huge role in making people want to click on your video. Alex Chris is a digital marketing consultant, author, and instructor.

Hashtags also show up in YouTube videos as well, adding them in as tags allow users to make finding videos easier. This can work well if you’re creating a marketing campaign, or simply want related videos to show up in the same search result. Based on Alexa traffic rankings, YouTube is the second most visited site on the web, right after Google. Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketers still treat it like any other social media site.

Thankfully, YouTube comes complete with an excellent built-in analytics function. The only real way to gauge the success of a YouTube SEO strategy is to monitor your analytics closely. And no, you don’t need an expensive video set-up to succeed here—just a smartphone or other device capable of recording video, which you likely already have.

Some people won’t make it all the way through so it’s better to ask early on. Hashtags only surface results that use the exact text so if you want your videos to be visible, you need to apply the exact hashtags that people are using. The order in which you add tags to videos matters and you should place the most important tags first. Many searchers will look at this value when deciding which video to click. As such, you want your video lengths to match users’ expectations. YouTube search results include an overlay of the video length on the thumbnail.

The only way to know if your YouTube SEO strategy is working is to track your analytics. Metrics can help you understand where your videos are doing well and where they might need some tweaking. YouTube offers several analytics reports to help you track your performance. Watch time refers to the actual time spent watching a video . For example, 50% completion of a 10-minute video will rank higher than 100% completion of a three-minute video. It’s important to hook your viewer in the first 15 seconds with a teaser.

Blackjack tournaments at Europa Casino

Considered one of the world’s most popular card games, online blackjack is a casino game that packs plenty of action and entertainment for live casino enthusiasts. For Betway, that opportunity was becoming the best online live casino in India. They’ve managed to do so by curating the best live casino library compared to other online SBO sites in India. In our experience, the best online casino sites have promotions that are easy to understand and participate in, with valuable prizes. When creating our online casino reviews, we take all factors into account.

You will also be racking up loyalty points at the online casino which gives you cashback when playing. Poker is yet another one of those classic casino games that have always been around and will always be around. Whether you are a really good poker player or even a total beginner, video poker is fun to play.

It’s available in numerous variants, and you can find Blackjack tournaments at Europa Casino. The aim of the game is simple – to end up with a bigger hand than the dealer. Other than that, Jackpot City is like Europa in that it specializes in Blackjack, and there are also 300+ slots to play. We’d argue that the bonuses could perhaps be a bit more generous, but they’re frequent, and there are also progressive jackpots available. However, if you’d prefer to mix your casino action up with a bit of cricket betting, then you’re more likely to have a better time at LeoVegas.

Life gets busy, and that’s why we gave a higher ranking to mobile casinos that offer full compatibility and seamless betting across the entirety of their gaming library. While they don’t accept crypto wagers, players can utilize 11 payment methods with CasinoNic. You’ll appreciate not having to wager endlessly in order to earn your bonus money back, which is more than we can say for some other casinos out there.

In some Indian states, it is illegal, while in others it is legal, and in the majority of states, it is currently not governed by law. Our choice for the best welcome bonus goes to Royal Panda, which offers a 100% bonus up to a whopping ₹100,000. Take note that you MUST use the codes 100first, 50second, and 25third respectively when making your first, second, and third deposits to get the bonus.

That is why we created specific guides for the most popular casino games. Then we continue verifying that information by testing the site ourselves. We create an account, make a deposit, place wagers, claim bonuses, contact customer service and request withdrawals.

The sites listed in this review are for individuals aged 18 years and over only. Another reason you can be sure that online casinos do not cheat is that they do get audited, and the credible ones even display their audit reports. In the past, Intertops was invite-only and open to clients from the United States only. Wild Casino gets its game selections from Betsoft and Nucleus, and these games come with excellent graphics and animation that make them a joy to play. Plus, you get to make deposits either with traditional currency or with crypto, whichever you prefer. And with the site being mobile-friendly, you can also play from your smartphone.

How to assemble the right financial team to assist your practice

Going from general internal medicine into cardiology or ID will likely pay off, but doing a geriatrics fellowship won’t add income. I know someone who actually makes less after a geriatric fellowship. That may be fine if it is your life dream or passion, but not great from a financial standpoint. A good financial advisor will create a financial roadmap consisting of how much you need to save and invest to achieve your financial goals instead of a product-centric approach.

And “at some point” in their future life, they will eventually pay it off. When you make fixed regular investments, you’re provided with the opportunity to buy more units when the price is right and fewer when prices are high. Steer clear of any lump sum investments when the market is volatile, hold off until the dust settles and prices return to pre-volatility levels. Even if the market is volatile, you should still be looking for new investment options. Most investors tend to sell in a declining market and buy in an upswing, but this can cause overreactions and overpay on units that aren’t worth what you’re spending. Another way to save automatically is through your employer. To know more about the money guide visit this link

There are a number of different ways to save, and as you’ll read below, setting up automatic recurring transfers is often one of the easiest. It may also be that you put a specific amount of cash aside each day, week, or payday period. Aim to make it a specific amount, and if you can occasionally afford to do more, you’ll watch your savings grow even faster. If you keep both your accounts at the same bank, it’s easy to transfer money from your savings to your checking. So avoid the problem—and these other money pitfalls.

Regarding extra degrees, I am curious how people monetize the additional studies. I considered doing a professional MBA years ago. However, I didn’t want to move into the C-suite of administration. We enjoy life – just in a different way than you- why so many people equate working with unhappiness is beyond me.

And, if you automate your savings, then you will never see the paycheck in your bank account. There won’t be a temptation to spend it all because it’ll be broken into your savings account before you ever get to see it. Let’s dig in as we discuss physician incomes, our debt burden, and the personal finance failures that often lead to a high-earning physician living paycheck to paycheck. I have found Medics Money to be very helpful in identifying suitable medical accountancy firms that can provide expert information on my complex financial needs. The website is easy to navigate and has lots of useful information which instills confidence. I was contacted very promptly by one of the recommended firms who gave me some important advice on NHS Pensions.

“Educational Games & Puzzles For Children”

Kids will love seeing their very own name in puzzle form, especially those with unique names or spellings. Made in the U.S., this all wooden puzzle has room for up to 12 characters, all painted with colorful non-toxic paint. As mentioned, there are primarily 6 different kinds of kids puzzles that fall under either the jigsaw or inset group. These puzzles are one of the best when it comes to promoting problem solving skills in kids.

This kind of inset puzzle also include a few pieces which are usually between 4-12 pieces. Many of the chunky puzzles available on the market are about vehicles and animals, which helps little kids to learn object names and discern more detailed shapes. Our range features jigsaws from 2-pieces for first learners as young as 18 months old through to challenging 150-piece jigsaws for older children and adults. Children can keep learning with the fun talkabout points on the back of nearly every box! These educational puzzles for children cover a wide range of appealing themes, from dinosaurs to animals to transport. Building jigsaw puzzles in early childhood has all-round cognitive benefits.

Pegged puzzles are quite similar to knobbed puzzles except the pieces have a smaller knob . They’re considered the most difficult inset puzzles out of the three. It releases stress, encourages mindfulness and is a good way to calm an anxious child. It is also a great activity to do when you want to wind down from an active play session.

Designed to be completed in under 20 minutes, these realistic-looking food puzzles provide tweens with a perfect screen-free break from their busy lives. The mini puzzles have just 70 pieces but the challenge lies with the odd shapes of these small treats. Each series is a timed edition with limited quantities, so if there is tasty food or treat that they love, scoop up these puzzles for a favorite tween in your life.

We curate a world-class range of educational toys, games, gifts & books which are good quality, safe and backed by our extraordinary customer service. A Puzzles for Kids from BrightMinds is a wonderful gift for your special boy or girl. For an educational puzzle that blends geography with playtime, the Melissa and Doug USA Puzzle is a good option. If you have older kids that are open to a challenge, the Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle is perfect. I’m a former teacher with a Master’s in Early Childhood Education and a mom to 3 kids. My mission is to bring hands-on play and learning back to childhood, support others in their parenting journey, and help everyone make it to nap time.

There’s something about it that doesn’t bother me, the kids love the tones of the instruments, it works. I love a good chunky puzzle – a great introduction to puzzles for our littles. These are some of my favorite “kinds” – a magnetic bug lifts the pieces in and out of the puzzle. There was nothing I loved more as a teacher than watching a group of first graders work their behinds off trying to put together a 100 piece floor puzzle before the bell rang. Our Early Learning Centre games are designed to be easy and exciting for little ones to play with. With so much variety in our games and puzzles collection, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

The sportsbook determines the deposit and withdrawal limits

It offers a good bonus program, multiple betting options, and tiered revenue sharing program. In addition to sports betting, you can also place proposition and financial bets. SBOBet has international expansion and is available in several countries. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Once you’ve signed up for an account, just select your bet amount and hit submit. The SBOBet website offers betting on most major sports, including football and tennis.

You can make deposits or withdraw funds in a variety of FIAT currencies. Most of the time the best odds on football, even better than Pinnacle or exchanges. When account is verified, it takes only few seconds to withdraw money. Visit here for more info

The sportsbook determines the deposit and withdrawal limits depending on the currency and payment method used. You can check the limits on your account in the dedicated section. Log into your account and visit the “”Deposit & Withdrawal”” page. Join now FREE and take advantage of our 24/7 betting platform on web and mobile betting. We support multi currency payments methods such as credit, debit cards and online payment providers including Skrill and NETELLER. SBOBet covers a wide range of sports, including soccer, Aussie Rules football, and beach soccer.

Also, the minimum withdrawal amount differs depending on the currency and payment method you are using. For example, you can withdraw at least EUR 100 via Telegraphic transfer or at least EUR 40 via other payment methods. SBOBet is an Asian-based sportsbook with operations in the Philippines and the Isle of Man. The website has multi-lingual support and is licensed in the Isle of Man. Customers will have an easy time navigating the website, thanks to its clean interface and rich blue colour scheme.

EvenBet and SBOBET are both licensed by the Philippines government’s Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation and both companies have strong presence in the region. SBOBET’s partnership with SBOBET will allow it to reach new markets and increase overall revenue for operators. In addition to expanding their presence in the Asian sports betting market, SBOBET has been in business for 16 years with over 1,200,000 registered users.

The company offers betting on all major sports in multiple languages. You can use a variety of other safe and secure e-wallet solutions such as Neteller, Skrill, or Skrill Tap-1 to make deposits or withdrawals to and from your SBObet account. Awful, they constantly void winning bets, it’s impossible to win anything with them.

Was a member for years but then last year it become impossible to log on to their site, constant connection problems. I asked by email just to withdraw from an email request but they say you need to log in to site, dispute lasted months and eventually had to get on to their regulator to get balance. Could have been easily resolved if they put their hands up and admitted yes their website is useless and as such we will withdraw from my email request.

Verification process requires only ID and utility bill, not endless selfies like some joke bookmakers ask . In October 2008, SBOBET was asked to turn over any evidence they might have on the possible match fixing scandal in The Football Association championship between Norwich City and Derby County. SBOBET denied the FA’s request, deeming it was “”excessive”” and would be a breach of customer privacy Derby County won the game 2–1. In the end, the FA found no evidence that match fixing had taken place. On 24 September 2009, two Bulgarian news agencies and 24 Chasa Daily published articles that wrongly suggested that SBOBET was responsible for fixing the football match between Levski and CSKA Sofia. The two agencies subsequently published correction articles, stating that SBOBET was not involved in any match-fixing scams, and apologized to SBOBET for publishing the untrue information.

Pkv Games Terpercaya 2022 Sering Jackpot

One of the most notable advantages of playing pkv games is that it allows you to enjoy games while spending less money. Finding the Best and Most Convenient Pkv Games Online is Critical! Online agents that are trustworthy and reliable may be an area for you to bet online gambling later. Well, at the agent itself, you can obtain intriguing games and, of course, choose the already popular ones, so you can feel secure and at ease. The goal of people playing in any online gambling game including PKV dominoQQ is to get financial gain. In fact, many of them are targeting to be able to get wealth from the game.

This is because they see that there is a lot of evidence that they have managed to get a lot of money from the game. The safety and comfort provided for playing the online PokerV card game is also a concern. With the appearance of a simple table game, making the experience of playing at the table even lighter and not using a lot of internet rations. Security when playing is also a concern, until the PKV player data will not spread to third parties or any faction.

Registration does not necessitate a high level of IT understanding. You don’t require data that is more than a few pages long. Go to and fill up all of the blanks with your basic account information, such as account name, account number, and email address. When you’re finished, click “”REGISTER”” to access a wide range of online betting games. PKV games is merely another source for gambling, to put it simply.

The way to play pkv games to get lots of wins and big profits is definitely, in this case, must be studied carefully. Even the bettor must be precise to devise tricks and game strategies that are possible to give big wins as expected in online pkv betting. There are numerous unscrupulous game servers out there whose sole purpose is to defraud you of your money. The PKV Games server, on the other hand, is not one of them. Players worldwide trust this exceptional server to play online betting games, even with large stakes.

Because this game itself is basically easy to win and easy to hit the jackpot too. Don’t be pessimistic that you won’t be able to get the jackpot. Moreover, you feel buying a Jackpot is just a waste of money. If you still do not believe, please watch the video above again insitus judi bola online resmi terpercaya di indonesia. There are some rules on how to play poker pkvgames , which is to be able to play, you must provide the first capital. For players, the smallest minimum bet is 1,000 rupiah.

That’s certainly more crucial than entertainment. As a player, you will compare your cards with the dealer. So you really will only fight one person, the city. Your chances of winning are greater than games that do not use a dealer system. Therefore it is not surprising that PKV players are getting stickier and closer to the predecessors of this one online card game.

171 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers.

What is the reason it is so difficult to bet and gamble in the present situation? Betting and gambling require you to interact with people and engage in the games they play. It’s difficult to gamble or bet with no one else for it. These public gatherings are banned in the present circumstances. But it would be best if you were mindful of the current circumstances. It would help if you also avoided gambling and placing bets on many individuals.

You can easily get big profits if you understand what you have to do in playing pkv games online. Meanwhile, if you don’t understand and don’t know what to do, you will find it difficult to get the benefits of it all. Many players are willing to risk a substantial sum of money in a betting game. On the other hand, a sizable group of gamers would rather not spend all of their money on betting games.

But if you win, you can make a big profit too. The initial advantage that you can feel as a bookie is that you don’t need to place any bets. If you have a card that is higher than the player, then you will get the money bet.

Pest Control & Inspections For Home & Residential

We provide protective gear like Safety Gloves, Safety Jackets to all our technicians who carry out the Pest Control Treatment. Carefree Pest Control and Termite Control have successfully treated hundreds of premises for different types of pests. Populations of pest insects can sometimes be dramatically reduced by the release of sterile individuals.

Pest control services charges differ from company to company, the size of the infested area, and the type of pest control. The presence of 24/7 customer support services at the time of procuring the pest control services. Herbal pest control is effective in destroying all kinds of pests like bedbugs, ants, rats, rodents, lizards, etc. Commonly, pest control should be done quarterly in every house as it is crucial to get rid of cockroaches, rats, bed bugs, ants, etc. We have earned a very good reputation in the market for providing the highest standards of residential pest control services in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Goa.

The addition of insulation into the attic and walls of a structure can provide control of common pests in addition to known insulation benefits such as a robust thermal envelope and acoustic noise-canceling properties. The EPA regulates this type of general-use pesticide within the United States allowing it to only be sold and installed by licensed pest management professionals as part of an integrated pest management program. Simply adding Boron or an EPA-registered pesticide to insulation does not qualify it as a pesticide. The dosage and method must be carefully controlled and monitored. Are you tired of seeing cockroaches crawling around your space?

This involves the mass rearing of a pest, sterilizing it using X-rays or some other means, and releasing it into a wild population. It is particularly useful where a female only mates once and where the insect does not disperse widely. This technique has been successfully used against the New World screw-worm fly, some species of the tsetse fly, tropical fruit flies, the pink bollworm, and the codling moth, among others.

We are a highly experienced & well-established pest control services provider Company in Mumbai, Goa, India. We are Mumbai based best Pest Control Company that offers our services in many localities such as Thane, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Goa, etc. We came into existence in 2005 to provide you with one solution for any kind of household pests at the best affordable price. Some of our specialized services are termite pest control, cockroach control, mosquito control, rodent control and wood borer control, etc.

Sulekha offers a list of Pest Control Services in Coimbatore that can help you get rid of harmful pests like cockroaches,& mosquitoes, bees, termites, bed bugs, and other insects. Mosquito Squad Pest Control offers the elimination and control of numerous outdoor pests by contract on a schedule determined by the needs of your property. Spraying or repelling may occur every 14 days to several weeks. The company also offers a one-time pest control service that can be performed before events at your location.

Orkin’s seasonal mosquito control service targets where Mosquitoes breed around your home. You can easily get the best pest control services available today by entering your information and setting up an appointment online. Remember, it’s not a matter of “if” you have a pest problem, but “when” you will encounter pests in your home in the future. Pest control service is helpful for you in eliminating the rodents, and insects that carry diseases and disinfecting the kitchen and bedrooms.

Mosquito Squad uses EPA-approved chemicals and offers an option for an all-natural alternative treatment. There are so many different types of pests in every house OR office. You might not be able to see those little ants, termites, or even cockroaches that come out to make merry when you sleep at night. The thing about these pests is that they can be really small and so they cry in all tiny cracks in the walls and also under furniture etc. If you have lots of books, you can be sure that there are lots of silverfish also in them.

The methods often involve the use of harsh chemicals to get rid of the undesired pests. It is important to know that such methods might have some serious residual effects that can harm humans as well as other organisms in that area. The fastest way to get rid of bed bugs in your home is by heat treating your house. This involves bringing in industrial size heaters to your house. These heaters can raise the temperature in your house up to 48o C, which will get rid of the bed bugs.

Cultivation by plowing exposes insect pests to predators such as black-headed gulls. The conventional approach was probably the first to be employed since it is comparatively easy to destroy weeds by burning them or plowing them under and killing larger competing herbivores. Techniques such as crop rotation, companion planting, and the selective breeding of pest-resistant cultivars have a long history. It gives me immense pleasure to be an existing customer of Rentokil PCI. We have been with you for the past 5 years and the recent Termite Control Service contract has helped remove termites from our home.

What did Insurance Do Electrical Contractors need?

To help you spread the cost of your premiums, we offer a quick and easy direct debit scheme for spreading payment over ten months. Please visit our dedicatedDirect Debitpage to find out more. Directors under a contract of service with an insured company are not excluded under the Employers section. We’ll give you clear and concise advice to help you choose your cover, and update you on your quote within 24 hours. Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and trade contractor stories. If you’re not sure, always refer to your insurance adviser, who will recommend which cover your business needs, try this link

Could this be the tipping point for digital health care, especially for such recent innovations as telehealth, which allows us to consult directly with health care providers via a computer. The Marsh factsheet covers managing the operational and potential organisational impacts. A year down the road, you are notified that the house that you installed the electric for burned down and the cause was a fault in the home’s electrical system. Not only was the home destroyed, but two members of the household sustained injuries from the fire and resulting smoke.

“”Took weeks to get back to me. My insurance lapsed and as a result I was unlicensed for 4 days.”” In 2020 Trade Risk was awarded the Platinum Trusted Service Award for the amazing service we offer to thousands of tradies from around Australia. It will cost a little more overall to pay monthly or weekly, however the cashflow benefits can outweigh the extra cost for many sparkies. If cashflow is a concern you can also pay for your insurance monthly or even weekly. This could be as simple as the cost of repairing a ceiling that you accidentally put your foot through whilst working in the ceiling cavity. A certificate of currency must be provided at the time of applying.

Keeping quiet might get you a cheaper premium, but if a claim is compromised as a result, you could end up a whole lot worse off. Some insurers will cover split system installs, but it is typically restricted to the electrical component of the installation. If your primary business activities relate to air conditioning installation or maintenance, then you should be insuring as an air conditioning business rather than an electrician.

Whilst you’ve got the insurance to help you out, you’d ultimately rather avoid … Occurred after an electrician drilled through a wall destroying electrical heated cables. If you’re working as a contractor, you should also consider your contractual obligations to carry a minimum amount of Public Liability insurance. Choose how you pay, then upgrade when business really takes off. You can select a policy limit of $1 million or $2 million. Choose the appropriate one based on the needs of your electrician business and the level of risk you would like to be insured against.

Public Liability insurance is designed to provide protection for you and your business in the event a … No, General Liability policies only provide coverage for injuries to third parties, like your clients and others on the worksite. Consider purchasing a worker’s compensation policy to provide coverage for accidental injury to your employees or subcontractors. You do not know if the company you were hired by has comprehensive electrical contractors insurance.

Business interruption insurance is a helpful insurance policy. If you have this, the insurance company will provide money equal to a portion of or the full amount of your business’s annual revenue. You can then use the insurance money to pay employees, loans, taxes, and other operational costs. As an electrical contractor, does your business own vehicles that employees can use to go to different project sites and carry work equipment?

We’re on-hand to guide you through the process of making changes to your cover – mid-term or at renewal, should your circumstances change. But, if you wish to do things yourself, our customer portal puts you in control. Download your documents, make adjustments and renew your policies online. Employers liability for temporary employees, 100 man-day limit cover up to £10 million.

Residential Mortgage Loan

Property developers usually provide attractive offers to buyers who start the cash payment plan but it comes with risks as the buildings are not completed. Home-building can be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make. As your trusted banking partner, our mortgage products can help you lay the foundation of your new home with the right loan amount, interest rate and repayment option to fulfill your financial needs. The price of a home is often far greater than the amount of money that most households save. As a result, 銀行按揭 allow individuals and families to purchase a home by putting down only a relatively small down payment, such as 20% of the purchase price, and obtaining a loan for the balance.

Many are under the impression that it is quicker to apply through banks directy. However, the staff at the branch is only responsible for receiving the application forms instead of processing it. MoneySmart will instead follow up on your application directly and we have a direct contact at the mortgage department of each major bank. You can apply for an array of plans with a consolidated application form and the application results will be available in just 9 working days. MoneySmart will remind you upon successful application and provide you with any advice and support you may need until you have successfully taken out your mortgage.

Annual Percentage Rate represents the true yearly cost of your loan, including any fees or costs in addition to the actual interest you pay to the lender. The APR may be increased after consummation for adjustable-rate mortgage loans. Customized mortgage loans at your service, fulfill your home purchase with ease. MoneySmart helps you compare numerous mortgage plans in one go. MoneySmart specialists will follow up your mortgage applications directly with your desired bank, which can aggregate your mortgage application. This is to check if there are any structural changes to the property, including illegal structures or subdivided units.

HKMC requires prospective homebuyers to pass the stress test in order to secure a mortgage offer. The monthly repayment amount should be within 60% of the homebuyer’s monthly income after 3% interest rate is added to the existing one. However, according to the 2019 policy address, passing the stress test is not a prerequisite for first-time buyers to secure a mortgage offer with a mortgage insurance programme. For non first-time buyers, however, passing the stress test is still a prerequisite for getting a mortgage. Village houses are more complex for loan application as it usually takes a bank longer to investigate the title, permitted uses, legality of construction, encumbrances and easements. Moreover, transaction volumes of village houses are thinner, resulting in down-valuation.

In general, the longer the tenor is, the lower the monthly repayment amount but the higher the total interest expense. On the contrary, the shorter the tenor is, the higher the monthly repayment amount but the lower the total interest expense. In terms of loan origination, mortgage bankers risk their own capital to fund loans. Also, they are not required to disclose the price at which they sell mortgages.

They are also designed to stop house buyers from borrowing more than they can afford and prevent excess credit from building up within the Irish financial system. A mortgage loan is a type of secured loan that an individual can apply to purchase a home or property. Once the loan is approved by the financial institution, the individual must repay it during the loan repayment duration. HIBOR Rate is the benchmark interest rate for lending between banks within the Hong Kong market while Prime Rate is decided by individual banks. H Plan is reflective of the borrowing costs, so it fluctuates on a daily basis.

This link takes you to an external website or app, which may have different privacy and security policies than U.S. We don’t own or control the products, services or content found there. The bank that you have applied for will contact you directly to collect the necessary documents.

As part of its goal to safeguard financial stability and contribute to the long term resilience of the financial system, the Central Bank has in place a series of mortgage measures. These measures were first introduced in 2015 and are reviewed on an annual basis. The measures are designed to ensure that banks and other lenders lend money sensibly.

P is the Hong Kong Dollar Prime Lending Rate Quoted by Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited from time to time. P is the Hong Kong Dollar Prime Lending Rate quoted by Nanyang Commercial Bank Limited from time to time. Simply visit any of our branches and bring along your identity document, income proof and property information and we will take care of the rest. You should have a clear understanding of your financial condition, daily expenses, and actual borrowing needs. Only applicable to applicants who apply for Mortgage Insurance Programme and fulfil related requirements by HKMC Insurance Limited.